We aim to be the leading depository in the vault and safe keeping industry in Nigeria.


At Bulwark we employ modern security protocols and technologies. Our Safe depository is designed to provide quality customer service, confidentiality, discretion and  24-hours operational service to our members.

We will maintain transparency at all times

We will deploy modern and digital strategies for effective and efficient service delivery.

We will foster a cordial and professional environment for our members at all times.

We will maintain strong and ethical standards at all times.

We establish excellent communication systems, internally and externally, at all times.

We maintain utmost privacy and confidentiality of transactions with our members.

We adopt zero tolerance for excuses, enforce quality and ensure excellent service delivery.

Bulwark Vault – Safer than a Home Safe, better than a bank

Experience the pleasure and security of a private vault that protects your valuables and privacy.

Whether you choose a small unit for jewelry and documents – or a big unit for any of your needs, all units have locks and you get the only keys. Our on-site staff includes trained security professionals who are screened and vetted and all our employees are bonded.

Bulwark Vault is one of the safest places available to protect your valuables, but we are also in the business of protecting your privacy. We do not require your bank details, we keep your identity strictly confidential.