Bulwark Vault & Safes Deposits rents out safe deposit boxes of various sizes to individuals, businesses and corporations.


Our facility entry and exit procedures have been designed to maximize protection of your valuables and irreplaceable documents. Access to your safe deposit box can only be by authorized users. We are a private facility where security and safety of your valuables is matched by absolute privacy.

  • $10,000 box insurance cover

  • Simple to operate

  • No hidden fees or charges

  • Installmental payments

  • Ultra-secure location

  • Varying sizes of boxes

  • Insurance-backed facility

  • Swiss Vault-level security

Our range of Safe Deposit Boxes.

Small Box

  • 20cm x 10cm x 40cm
  • Cheapest, most basic package
  • Ideal for trinkets, jewelry, medals and expensive stones/metals

Medium Box

  • 40cm x 10cm x 40cm
  • Value added, most popular package
  • Ideal for legal documents, property deeds and titles, travel documents etc.

Large Box

  • 40cm x 22cm x 40cm
  • The documents safehouse
  • Ideal for documents of large volume

Jumbo Box

  • 1metre x 50cm x 60cm
  • The Vault master
  • Ideal for anything you throw at it; Volume or Value